Agony Shorthand

Monday, December 20, 2004
RADIO BEATS 45......

I'm a longtime sucker for all-guns-blazing sound barrier-piercing garage punk, the kind practiced at inhuman speeds just fast enough to blur the vocals and guitars into an overloaded, eardrum-busting fog. The first two ZODIAC KILLERS, BRIDES, TEENGENERATE, first BASEBALL FURIES single -- I'm all over that stuff. The public servants over at Something I Learned Today mp3 blog turned me onto a great moderne practictioner of the sound, the RADIO BEATS. They sound like the Radiators From Space all beaned up on adrenaline-multiplying goofballs. Download "Backseat Learnin'" from their new 7"EP and prepare to be pinned to the wall in record time.