Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, February 09, 2005
GET YOUR GIBSON BROS "BIG PINE BOOGIE" HERE......No, here. The LOST IN THE GROOVES website now allows for purchase of one of the great lost LPs of the 1980s, the GIBSON BROS' "Big Pine Boogie". They've posted the entire record in reverse order, and tracks are available at a buck each. Start with "Casey Jones", "Big Pine Boogie" and "Skull & Crossbones" and see what you think. This thing's got no CD release date planned, so this is it for now. Lost In The Grooves also have LP-only tracks available from the LIPSTICK KILLERS, JOHN TRUBEE and the SEX CLARK FIVE, among others.

One other download to recommend, this one a freebie: ANIMALS & MEN's stunning 1981 DIY waver "Don't Misbehave In The New Age", available right now with one click over at ORBIS QUINTUS.