Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, February 23, 2005
LUCRATE MILK : "FRANCE 1981" CD-R......A super-obscurity dug up by master digger Brian over at WFMU. Information is plentiful online regarding LUCRATE MILK, but the problem is it's all in French, and I can't do French. Those "instant translation" services aren't quite up to the job yet either, so I'll tell you what I can gander just from listening to the music. If Lora Logic and Poly Styrene had been charter members of the early 1/2 JAPANESE, they might've sounded something like this -- disjointed, fractured riffs & splayed avant-sound all over the place, accented by a pumping saxophone making an annoyance of itself in the background. Though I have been able to figure out that they played live with THROBBING GRISTLE, their sound wasn't quite as extreme nor off-putting. No, it really does remind me of "1/2 Gentlemen Not Beasts" or "Loud" with female vocals -- and while it is probably French being sung, it could be Finnish or Flemish or Farsi. It's pretty wacked. And it's very likely that the title of the LP -- if there was an LP -- is not "France 1981". A near-mystery band for now, but one I can see crate diggers busting a nut over during the next couple of collecting seasons.