Agony Shorthand

Thursday, April 28, 2005
THE MONEYCHANGERS : “MISSED CHORDS AND BAD VIBES” 7”EP....Good thing kick-ass rock and roll stage names haven’t gone out of style, else we wouldn’t have drummer “Sara Hot Stix” and keyboardist “Hot Rod Diamonds” from Portland, Oregon’s MONEYCHANGERS to cheer on. The band’s debut comes across like a junior varsity KILLER’S KISS, with the same sort of big 2-guitar sound, handclaps and snaky keyboards that scream "beer run!!!". “Lay Low” even sounds like they pumped it out in front of three awake pals in an after-hours club long after everyone else had passed out. Singer Mark Death doesn’t have a vocal coach, that much you can tell with one listen, but something about the dank & seedy vibe on this EP reminds me of similar 80s/90s trash-rock from the Portland micro-scene like RANCID VAT and ALCOHOLICS UNANIMOUS. I didn’t always dig that stuff at the time, but you knew it was about as D.I.Y. and as hometown as it got. The Moneychangers are the 21st Century equivalent, long may Sara Hot Stix pound.