Agony Shorthand

Monday, April 11, 2005
THE TIME FLYS : “THE WET ONES / CHRISTINE (HUMBLE WARRIOR) 45.....Saw Oakland, CA crew the THE TIME FLYS live a few weeks back and was suitably impressed with their NYC ’77-meets-Texas ’78 punk rock action. Despite their strutting singer’s ham-handed attempts to manufacture a rock & roll riot with the 15 people watching by going to great lengths to punch out a light bulb and then make mad dashes into the crowd, his band delivered a super energy-laden and well-kicked out show. And the singer made a believer out of me regardless – the dude’s got it, just don’t tell him to his face, lest he start wearing makeup & perfume. So it is with this recent 45, which is a no-frills, no-bogus-attitude trip back to what some folks like to call “real” punk rock. The fidelity is just about perfect for a Killed By Death volume with both tracks parked between some knockout no-brainer from SHIT DOGS and another from VAST MAJORITY or whatever. Knowing that these guys have done their homework (not one but two Texas punk covers when I saw them), I see them occupying a niche covered by few other bands in 2005: the wise, non-nihilistic, no nasty-words, straight-up good clean raw punk rock group with long hair and a girl drummer. Give them a try – this fine 45’s going to easily make my Top 20 this year, along with the 19 others I haven’t heard yet.