Agony Shorthand

Thursday, May 12, 2005
THE LIDS : "TOO LATE" 7"EP......

There's a woman I know named Beth Allen whom I once played in a band with many a moon ago....Beth is a real-deal punk rock wild child, totally hyperactive into her late 30s and 'core to the core. Haven't seen her in ages, but I know that somewhere she must be busting a girl-nut over this band. THE LIDS, too, are hyperactive and fast-paced, and remind me of one of Beth's old bands THE LOUDMOUTHS (who, truth be told and with all due respect, I couldn't stand). Guy singer with a sort of shout-sing delivery, backed by three squealing girlies who attempt some drunken punk rock harmonization that is in turns both charming and excruciating. The difference between this Atlanta act and The Loudmouths is that The Lids are very much at home on a tuff label like Rip Off (who've just put out a Lids LP - it's pictured above because I haven't scanned the EP) -- raw, spastic, and three steps to the cool 60s garage side of the delivery rather than the punker-than-thou sort of garbage that ends up on labels like Fat Wreckords or whatever. "No Fool For You" in particular might conjur visions of some beaned-up SUPERCHARGER being piranhaed by a giggling gaggle of teenage vixens. At least that's what I hear. It's stupid, stupid simple, but the kids won't mind.