Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Recognizing that I've reviewed them in reverse order, this debut 45 from Oakland, CA's TIME FLYS isn't quite the kick in the tuchus their 2nd one was. But it's still solid. The band traffic in a 70s KBD-meets-rip-roarin' glam style and are one of those groups that're real proud papas when people leap around like addled maniacs at their gigs. "Energy" does its best to lend a pumped-up soundtrack to such antics, and I reckon it's at least good enough to make a comp tape or CD-R for a clued-in girl (provided that you've made it to "the tape-making stage" with the young lady first). "PC Action" is more HEARTBREAKERS and (snore) DICTATORS and suffers a bit by comparison. One look at this crew and you know they're either going to "break" into something well-loved very soon or they'll violently implode from infighting within a matter of months. I place my bets somewhere in the middle and hope there's an LP in 'em.