Agony Shorthand

Friday, June 03, 2005
MIND-BOGGLING OBSCURITIES ARE OUT THERE IF YOU’RE GAME……Right now my favorite new music blog has gotta be CRUD CRUD. Scott’s got a couple of goner items posted as mp3s that I strongly suggest you download. The first is some wild mid-tempo primitive shit rock from Italy’s FPE, from a 1983 tape that sounds like Finland’s RUTTO or first-45 MEAT PUPPETS. Not hardcore, not garage, just creepily lurking in that wacked-out 1981-83 netherspace occupied by the likes of Flipper, Solger and the whole sick hardcore-destroying crew. Who knew? The other is a super-minimalist 45 from the BETTER BEATLES, an early 80s Nebraskan group who bravely take on “I’m Down”, and better still, “Penny Lane”, with loopy synths, deadpan Flying Lizards-like vocals, and a non-ironic ‘tude that neither insults nor praises its forebears. This is easily as good as (and right at home with) the Top 5% tracks found on Chuck Warner’s HOMEWORK series. Crud Crud is a testimony to everything an mp3 blog should be; there’d be virtually no chance to hear these gems otherwise.