Agony Shorthand

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

This recent 45 bring me back, waaay back to the late 80s/early 90s and the glories of buying new $2.49 45s from DRUNK WITH GUNS, SKULLFLOWER, BRAINBOMBS and their anti-social, anti-parent ilk. Hey, and as a parent, I definitely find this single from Allentown’s PISSED JEANS to be an anti-parent record. It’s a riot, something I’m very pleased to call one of the very best records of the past fortnight at least. The band, if you believe Tony Rettman’s great not-entirely-about-the-band interview with them, “came from hardcore”, still love hardcore (even the lightning-quick New England baldie punk of the early 1990s), but have traveled beyond it to the brave new world of their own 2005 fractured noise/garbage scene. Just like White Pride morphing into Drunks With Guns, right? Pissed Jeans are a slow, angry “Wonderful Subdivision”-like throat-grabber of a band, and they’re even less comic than the Drunks were. On this evidence, they’re also a more dynamic & exciting band, relying less on sheer aggro wallop & screams, and more on the propulsive churning and sludgy rolling of guitars & thudding bass. "Night Minutes" is the piece de resistance, and it brings to mind the destroyo riff from the ACTION SWINGERS' "Bum My Trip". Vocals are mean & nasty without being ridiculous. Outstanding record. Rettman calls it “real deal zapped-to-hell insanity shit that practically foams off your box” and who are we to contradict?