Agony Shorthand

Thursday, July 07, 2005

One of the most straight-up fun releases of the year from this 2-person garage/slop/soul act called THE KING KHAN AND BBQ SHOW, who’ve written 12 killer numbers to create a unified whole. Recorded in Louisiana, produced in Germany, performed by Canadians. How about that? They’ve taken on some wacky nom de plumes (“BBQ”) in the process of serving up some real tasty vittles, and inked a deal with Goner to put out the CD version of what was earlier a European LP. This thing fits in so well with the Goner aesthetic you’d have thunk that Eric himself played in the band – it’s rollicking, R&B-driven gutbucket rock and roll, perfect for a Saturday night beer stomp where only 40oz. specials are served. One of the tracks, “Waddlin’ Around”, is so good they wrote it twice, and called it “Shake Real Low” the second time (exaggerating to make a point here, but the songs are nearly identical doo-wop-ish rump-movers). Apparently these guys respectively held court in bands “The Spaceshits” and “Los Sexareenos”, two outfits I just ignored for their names alone the whole time they were around. Then BAM, out of left field comes this wild, outstanding, highly recommended platter. Try listening to this CD for a week and then expunging lead tracks “Waddlin’ Around” and “Fish Fight” from yer head. I sure can’t.