Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
A FEAST OF SNAKES : "GHOSTS OF YOU / BLACK COAL HEART" 45......Not at all sure if this callous & raw Texas garage band is still active, but when they were around a couple of years ago they were one of my very faves. This 45, just put out in Italy on "Solid Sex Lovie Doll" records in some preposterous limited edition, might just be some whumping leftovers or, if we're lucky, a new 45 in its own right. We're not really "on the tip" over here. The record is just an outstanding guns-blazing, dark and noise-stained punk record, with anger and bile in no short supply. I'd be surprised if there weren't 6 guitarists and at least 2 meat cleavers in this band. Remember the Necessary Evils? Some of the same cast is involved here, but where that band devolved into a cartoonish horror-garage pile of cliches, the 'Snakes are all about the pound, pound, pound and the obnoxo-whine of distorted guitar. The flip is a sort of careening blues stomp that loses control quickly & explodes into a mess of feedback shards. Love it! A Feast of Snakes, if you're not currently active, can you please become active & hit the road posthaste?