Agony Shorthand

Friday, September 16, 2005

A few weeks ago WFMU’s blog posted a knockout track from this wiry UK pop group called “Autonomy Boy” that’s so good that it could justify years of stupid hype about a “post punk revival”. I mean this song has it nailed – weird, complex rhythm patterns; a sultry female vocalist; and moves gracefully copped from so many 1981 British acts you can smell the musty copies of MELODY MAKER and SOUNDS under the bed. It also got me hot on the trail of the LONG BLONDES’ 45s. Like my other favorite UK pop acts this year – JOHNNY BOY and the PIPETTES – their records, all 45s, appear to be released in bizarrely limited editions on tiny indie labels and sell out in a weekend. Thanks to the magic of the internet, CD-Rs and tapes, though, they’ve made their way to me. I bought this recent 45 from The Long Blondes on eBay – and while good, it’s not going to do much for their rep except send major labels into a courting frenzy. It’s still got a real, um, “angular” feel to it, and that singer still sounds like she’s pursing and slowly licking her lips between every breath. No question about it – it’s mersh pop, and while it’s among the upper third of its class, it’s still a class which only garners attention for the top 1% around my house. The “Giddy Stratospheres” 45 is slightly better and I haven’t heard their debut yet. But when you hear “Autonomy Boy”, all bets are off. Let’s all promise to keep an eye peeled & see where they’re at on the ticker few months from now.