Agony Shorthand

Monday, January 30, 2006

You know what’s a good record? THE SADIES“Favourite Colours” is a good record. Take equal parts BYRDS, BAND & BURRITOS and stir in some searing QUICKSILVER-like guitar, & top off with a dollop of fuzz positioned in just the right spots, and you’re got this record on its finest tracks. I can say that honestly had no idea. I checked with a band expert, and he told me that these Canadians started off life as a mostly-instrumental twang/tremolo surf group on the mold of fellow Canadians SHADOWY MEN ON A SHADOWY PLANET. That stuff’s all well and good, and you can hear it all over this brief record as well. But no doubt The Sadies have taken the Festival Express back to 1967-71 on this one, especially on the majestic “Translucent Sparrow” (hey, I didn’t title it). This is primo harmonic convergence, of a par with Moby Grape or other moderately psychedelic San Franciscans, expect with an incredible burst of open-wide guitar distortion to close off the proceedings. I listened to it 3 times this morning and I’m gonna listen to it again tonight. What’s more, the CD is really a series of clipped, short tracks, each with a different take on moody, countrified, fringed-jacket sounds. After 30 some-odd minutes, it’s over, and though it might’ve been nice to see them stretch their legs a bit on some 10-minute monster near the end, it has certainly left me wanting more. I’m going to investigate the back catalog and file a report posthaste. Stay tuned!