Agony Shorthand

Friday, February 24, 2006

I promised some "man rock" on this site - and the 1983 debut, one-sided 45 from NIG HEIST is some knuckle-dragging, cro-magnon man rock to the nth. Actually it's kind of funny to see all the online tributes and write-ups to Nig Heist online (check here and here for starters), given how mediocre their "sexist asshole" comedy & their "stoned punk" chops were -- but because of the close BLACK FLAG connection, they'll always assume a subjective fighting weight far above their actual worth as a band. I used to see the "Walking Down The Street" 45 all the time as a young lad, and I guess it sorta creeped me out because the label had a Raymond Pettibon drawing of some scary freak yelling, "Who is that? Elvis? It sounds like some nigger". Eventually I relented and bought the thing after hearing about the band's Black Flag roadie connection, and the fact that Dez Cadena and D. Boon were sometime members.....and I even played it occasionally. Oh, it's a hoot all right - "...come with me, and fuck me, I want to cum..." etc. etc. Funny!!! One line that is actually quite funny is "Went to the gig and scammed some muff", which is transcribed incorrectly here, and a line which I remember being called out in "Take It!" fanzine as the song's "most obvious lie". These partying, marijuana-baked Deadhead surfers were a total offensive lark and this 45 proves it, but it still has a certain appeal I guess. I dig it more than, say, THE MENTORS or GG ALLIN, possibly because it was a lark and easy to appreciate as a somewhat passable "low art" concept to fill the time before Black Flag hit the stage. I saw the ANARCHY SIX's one and only live gig and I'll bet that was more fun by a mile.