Agony Shorthand

Monday, April 17, 2006

Perhaps the best 45 of 2005 that we didn’t write anything about was the ANGRY ANGLES’ “Things Are Moving” EP – particularly the title track. This Tennessee boy/girl twosome and their pals are roughly approximate to a punked-up, spazzed-out SCREAMERS, MISSION OF BURMA or URINALS, even taking the Urinals’ hollow, blank-eye guitar sound to new vistas. This brand new single is their best to date. “Apparent-Transparent” is a frantic art punker with dueling male/female vocals, much like that NERVOUS PATTERNS 45 we loved so much a year ago, and who not coincidentally share a bedrock member with the Angry Angles. “You Fell In” is a subdued version of the same, and their cover of “The 15th” from WIRE’s “154” is a beautiful thing to behold, immediately going on my “best covers” list and certainly the best Wire cover since the TYRADES nailed “Former Airline”. With this sort of progress from release to release I can imagine any forthcoming LP is going to be among the hottest releases this year. So when’s it going to be, gang??