Agony Shorthand

Monday, April 24, 2006
CHEVEU : “DOG / MAKE MY DAY” 45.....

Like last week’s magical discovery FRUSTRATION, CHEVEU come courtesy of S-S Records, and it’s just as wacked and wonderful. The A-side “Dog” has what sounds like a lurking creep muttering filthy nothings in the background over a twanging NY scumrock-era HONEYMOON KILLERS or PUSSY GALORE dirty guitar riff, and it’s heavier than heavy. B-side “Make My Day” also channels much of the same vibe but lightens the attack a bit to incorporate Velvets/New Zealand droning keyboard and Una Baines-era FALL repetition & collapse, as well as a completely different sandpaper-throated vocalist than on its flip. Another smashing success from this killer label, and they’ve got a whole comp LP’s worth of new French kicks called "Tete de Bebe" right around the corner as well, so stay ready.