Agony Shorthand

Friday, April 21, 2006

Hotshit mechanized garage art-spazz from veteran (two years!) French band FRUSTRATION with their first US EP. S-S Records, which appears to be single-handedly championing the new French avant-punk underground, have done us all a service with this one. Frustration are tightly-wound, dark power-panic of the highest order, and this is no question going to be one of the best 45s of my year. Hints of a toy keyboard poke through the throbbing muck, but except for the last weirdo cry for help (the distressing “Faster”), it’s all straight-ahead pummel. Their own press materials – OK, their MySpace site – compare themselves to KILLING JOKE and JOY DIVISION, and yeah, the excellent “Premises” is a total Warsaw/”Ideal For Living” rip-off, but it’s also that good. And as you know, that’s real good. Real real good! Snap this monster up while it’s still around if you get the chance.