Agony Shorthand

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I saw these guys play yet again a few weeks back and I left convinced (yet again) that they’re the missing link between glamazon NY DOLLS grease-rock and the hallowed class of 1977. This new 45 doesn’t do that notion any disservice. “Reality (Is A Rock Band)” has been their live set opener for a year now, and though I’d rather not pay attention to the lyrics, I think it’s the single hottest thing they’ve written outside of the CD’s opener “Smokin’ Dope”. Just straight-up torn jean, longhaired punk that clips along at a moderate/fast tempo & has got a couple of hooks to die for. Fucking great. “Shark Song” on the flip is an OK middler, and then there’s their cover of a 50s chestnut by THE JEWELS called “Opportunity”, which gives them a chance to show off some v.fine Thunders/Sylvain chops and tender doo-wop heartbreak. I do wish they’re explore this side of their “feelings” a little more. So you undoubtedly know where I stand with the TIME FLYS, and lets hope the win streak continues through this Fall’s new LP/CD.