Agony Shorthand

Thursday, March 20, 2003
HERE COME THE CYBORGS AGAIN....Last time we posted on the topic of the impending SIMPLY SAUCER "Cyborgs Revisited" reissue I didn't really have any news you could use -- now I think I do. Sonic Unyon records of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada are putting it out again on CD on May 20th with 9 extra tracks, including their more poppy 45 "She's A Dog / I Can Change My Mind" plus some live material from their 1977-78 lineup. (Dave Martin at Matador already told us about the reissue). Now main Saucer head Edgar Breau has hipped us to an excellent new interview with him available here (click on "Edgar Breau" or scroll down), as well as to let you know that he's playing on March 30th in Toronto at a club called Sneeky Dee's. "I'm playing acoustic and electric guitars. Kevin Christoff from the Saucer is on bass. It's not a retro thing; much new material and my own cd is coming along nicely". Attention Ontario, can you tear yourself away from Owen Nolan and the Maple Leafs for this show??

UPDATE: More, straight from Edgar Breau on the release:

"There are nine new tracks on it plus it's been audio improved. There are extensive liner notes giving a complete history of the band. The new tracks in part derive from a song copyright tape that we made in 1977. The entire tape is likely to come out as a bootleg. The songs from this tape are Low Profile, Little Sally, Get My Thrills, I Take It. From a Live show in '78 there's Bullet Proof Nothing (which includes the mystery guitar break)let me explain. The studio version has a stop and dead silence in the middle of the song. That's because we couldn't afford to overdub at the time. Anyways the song developed and you can hear it live. The other live tracks are Now's the time for the Party which was always a crowd pleaser and I'm told the Replacements replicated the riff years later and Yes I Do which is a pop ballad. The 45 She's A Dog and I Can Change my Mind round it off. I had to go through reams of tape before we settled on the tracks. They give a better indication than the 45 of our post electro. sound. That's all for now".