Agony Shorthand

Monday, June 16, 2003
NEWS FROM SOLGER....Just in -- our pal Kyle from early 80s Seattle art-hardcore punk band SOLGER has some important breaking news I'd like to share with the readers. If you have heard the genius Solger EP and can appreciate its no-count glory, and you like your punk rock black and 12" long, then here you go:

"In working to put out the complete works of Solger on CD tilted "Solger Codex 1980" (due out in August 2003), we also put the project down on white vinyl with plain blank black labels (opposite of the original 1981 release -- black vinyl with plain blank white labels. Everything once again is featured in wonderful black and white packaging, the true sign of black and white thinking from a black and white era. This is a limited pressing of 100, which makes for a very expensive per record cost. These are now available at for a limited time (till they are gone). After that a few personal copies may be released from myself through eBay. So buy this rarity while its new and available if you can. PS: The sure to be controversial Solger single featuring "Do Me A Favor" and "Scheme & Fraud" is also due out this week (500 black / 100 red vinyl). I'm supposed to be receiving 50 of the red vinyls and will post them on eBay (one copy per a week) soon. See record cover in photo section".