Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, June 18, 2003
SHITTIEST BAND YOU'VE EVER SEEN?....Here's a chance to make some history: vote in the CHUNKLET "What is the shittiest band you've ever seen?" poll on the front page of their web site. Right now the leader is, inexplicably (perhaps because I've never seen them), THE PASTELS. Chunklet is sort of The Onion of indie rock; their (his) m.o. is both wallowing in independent rock music and mocking it incessantly. When it works (and it often does), such as their last issue's "25 Ways To Disrupt The Opening Band" or something like that, it is really, really funny. Oh, and for the record, my vote was for HOLE, who I saw in the pre-nose job. pre-Kurt years around 1990 or so. Utterly godawful!