Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, October 22, 2003
"OHMYGOD YOU GUYS, SORRY I'M SO LATE".....It is said that very little in this world is lamer than the fanzine writer who gushingly apologizes in his intro, issue after issue, "I'm sorry this is soooo late". This is a "Your Flesh" special -- check any of his issues from the last 37 years. If one person out of 100 even knew your published-every-year 'zine was "late", or cared, I'd be most surprised. So it's probably even lamer when a goddamn BLOGGER throws up a similar apology. That said, I've been a little sparse with the content as of late. The quality -- dare I say the learning! -- you've come to expect has been missing in recent weeks, and I hope to rectify this matter soon. You know, things to do, thoughts to collect, fuckin' bills to pay. I'm saving a rant or two up for a time when I can honestly devote more than 10 minutes to put fingers to keys. In the meantime, this blogger has some important things to say to tide you over.