Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, October 22, 2003
STRAIGHT DOPE ON FLESH EATERS REISSUES.....A lot of excitement around the globe on these FLESH EATERS reissues I'd hinted about before -- word had it that Atavistic were putting them out sometime in the near future, so I went straight to the source. Confirmed. Kurt says, "yes JH, reissues & chris' new album, Miss Muerte, start flowing in feb/march '04 -- including Hard Road To Follow, No Questions Asked, Time Stands Still & Ashes of Time...". All right, putting aside the fact that Atavistic probably could have left "Ashes of Time" alone and the fact that "Miss Muerte" sounds like a title borne of a Chris D. random lyric generator, this is straight-up fantastic news. "Hard Road To Follow" is a monster (1983) record, totally impossible to find and never before on CD -- hell, it was hard to find THEN! No rock and roll collection can be weighed against mine until it also includes "No Questions Asked" and CHRIS D. AND THE DIVINE HORSEMEN's "Time Stands Still" as well. I am starting a public campaign for the canonization and beatification of the FLESH EATERS by 2005, and hopefully these moves get the ball seriously rolling. We only have 15 months left!