Agony Shorthand

Thursday, February 26, 2004
WANTED: A HAND UP, NOT A HANDOUT…..There have been a few recent (last 3-4 years) releases that have intrigued me but that I’ve hesitated on pulling the trigger on for various reasons. Given Agony Shorthand’s up to a regular readership of a couple of dozen now, I thought maybe I’d query you to see if YOU’VE heard any of them. Any feedback on these, folks? (no, I’m not looking for a burned CD, just a “hand up”) :

-- TOMMY McCOOK "Blazing Horns / Tenor In Roost" CD (Blood & Fire) : I’ll bet this is great, considering what I’ve heard from McCook and from the Blood & Fire label, but would love to get a “confirm” from my peeps and playas out there.

-- ROCK CITY CD : Who knew that Chris Bell had a pre-Alex Chilton version of what ultimately became BIG STAR? Not me! Is this new CD any good?

-- “I'D RATHER FIGHT THAN SWISH / QUEER TO THE CORE” compilation : Apparently a “gay”-themed couple of party records from the 60s, both put onto a single CD a few years ago. I like a good laugh as much as the next guy, and I particularly enjoy the super-underground, taboo nature of this sort of thing in its era. (I just got some “risqué” double-entendre-filled black comedy records from SLOPPY DANIELS and ALLEN DREW from the same time period).

-- V/A: "MIAMI SOUL – RARE FUNK & SOUL FROM MIAMI" : New Soul Jazz compilation of, well, 70s funk and soul from Miami, home of great bands like ROACH MOTEL and GAY COWBOYS IN BONDAGE.

-- DENNIS BOVELL“Decibel: More Cuts and Dubs 1976-1983” : British reggae/dub icon, tangentially involved in the punk era. Are the dubs worth buying this thing for?