Agony Shorthand

Monday, March 22, 2004
TANKA FOR NEIL YOUNG…..Found some time to read through the latest issue of Bob Bert's BB GUN magazine yesterday, and my favorite piece by far was the Byron Coley/Thurston Moore anglicized version of the ancient Japanese poetry form “tanka”. I think they did some of this on a tour they undertook, and on their Montreal stop they decided to honor a native Canadian musical act with some English-language tanka. After deciding against Burton Cummings and The Subhumans, they instead applied their tanka magic to the complete discography of NEIL YOUNG. I will quote from some of the more funny/clever entries herewith:


neil's last solo tour
had made every hippie chick
so wet for these tunes
that you could almost get laid
just whistling "sugar mountain"

CSNY : Deja Vu

waiting for a poop
that seemed like it would not come
my generation
squatted on the toilet's edge
awaiting this arrival


even punks agree
this one is almost as good
as peter hammill
at his peter hammill-est
ask mr. rotten, okay?


the whole tour concept
the hobbits versus devo
that's what it was, right?
struck everyone as so hip
that punks never hassled neil


i know they're some
because there are always some
willing to say that
neil young's latest is his best
but even new, this one blew