Agony Shorthand

Saturday, February 19, 2005
CLOROX GIRLS : "BABY" 7"EP......Jonny Cat was our cats' litter brand of choice while I was growing up, but more importantly, it's the label that put out the 2003 EP from Portland heft-pop garage punks the CLOROX GIRLS. I wish they sounded a little more like the early Red Cross from whom they took their name, but instead they're more like a less filling version of the first FM KNIVES single (which is great), mixed with a 1977 New York swagger-punk vibe that wins them a few points. I saw another band a couple weeks ago called the TIME FLYS that upped the dose on this sound and did it spot-on. Right now I'd lay odds on the Time Flys in a rock and roll street brawl over the Clorox Girls, but don't count the Girls out (their track "Vietnam" from their LP is smoking!).