Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, February 23, 2005
HOSE : MOBO / GIRLS / ZOO" 7"EP.......I farmed it on this one -- a few weeks ago the mp3 blog Mystical Beast posted a great overview of (and interview with) early 80s sludge/dirge noise group HOSE, and included the ability to download their one and only single, "Mobo/Girls/Zoo". While the article is still up (click here and scroll down to the February 2nd post), the songs, alas, are not. I hadn't heard this record in years, and it's aged very well. As the article and reminiscience makes clear, Hose were the east coast FLIPPER, and fashioned themselves as such. "Girls" -- all 20 seconds of it -- is pure fake hardcore, the sort of blistering speed demon played by large men who are clearly "taking the piss", as it were. But "Mobo" is a big, ugly throbbing whopper, one that the DUST DEVILS soon covered on their "Geek Drip" LP. And even the kids' song "Zoo" holds up well. My roommate had their 12"EP as well, and I remember a great track on there called "Only The Astronaut Knows the Truth" or something like that. When someone finally puts out the Bloodstains Across the Pigfuck Scene comp, that thing needs to be front and center.