Agony Shorthand

Thursday, April 28, 2005
GET HIP TO SEX KITTENS COMPARE SCRATCHES....Wanted to alert you to a great new mp3 blog operating out of Japan called SEX KITTENS COMPARE SCRATCHES. With posts on Hasil Adkins & The Lazy Cowgirls so far, Greg's certainly on the right path (and now that Hasil has regrettably passed away, here's where you can start exploring some of the web resources devoted to him in rememberance). I guess Greg was one of that core of 50 or so regulars who, along with me & my friends, went to virtually every single Cowgirls show in Los Angeles from 1986-89, even when there were 3 in a month. I later found out that among those 50 were Larry Hardy and Eric Friedl/Oblivian, though I didn't know those fellas then. Anyway -- Sex Kittens Compare Scratches. A super fine addition to the exploding mp3 blog roll.