Agony Shorthand

Thursday, August 18, 2005
BBQ & BLACKSNAKE : "TOO MUCH IN LOVE / CHUCK-A-MUCK" 45.....These are the same two fellas as KING KHAN AND BBQ, whose excellent new platter we reviewed last month. This is a limited-run 45 on an Italian label unfortunately called Solid Sex Lovie Doll, and it's about as messy and crude as you might imagine for a tossed-off pair of under-the-floorboard recordings which might be live. Their doo-wop-tinged, Fats Domino-meets-Oblivians concoction sounds absolutely fantastic with just a slim modicum of production – without any production at all (like here), it sounds like a 45 tailor made for a completist or a yeoman “hobbyist”, one who happens to collect records. Like me. Like you. I’ll file this one with my MONSIEUR JEFFREY EVANS AND LA FONG and TUB JOHNSON/BILLY CHILDISH gutbucket R&B 45s, some fine bookends that get a courtesy listen every 5 years or so.