Agony Shorthand

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Very pleasant dose of lite fuzz and “Girls In The Garage”-influenced rawness. The SULTANAS appear to be an all-girl band with their controls set on a way-back machine for roughly 1966. If I didn’t know better and you slipped this onto a CD-R of your favorite 60s girl obscurities, I’d have no reason to ask questions – it’s that “accurate” a connection to the fidelity-challenged, go-go, rev-up, dirty garage sound. It’d also be one of the best things on there. “You’re The One” in particular is real neat, with harmonies that provide a sweet counter to the slop & crud that propels the music. Their label, "Boom Boom Of Renton" appears to similarly have opted to stop time around the mid-60s as well. Anyone know if their other releases are as good as this one?