Agony Shorthand

Thursday, October 13, 2005
THE WILLOWZ / THE TIME FLYS / KILLER’S KISS, 10/11/05, 12 Galaxies, San Francisco CA.....

The last time I headed out on a "school night" (a Tuesday, no less) to see some rocknroll with zero notice to myself was probably appx. 1994, but I’m glad I made the five-minute trek down the hill to this bill. KILLER’S KISS were just back from tour, playing their first show ever w/o keyboard player Jen, who voluntarily decoupled herself from the band in New York. The journalistic code of ethics mandates that I not write about them, so I won’t. THE TIME FLYS (pictured left) are probably the swankiest garage/punk act in town right now, if not across the US. Pure entertainment from the word go, with a seemingly bottomless pit of fast & shimmering 90-second bolts of full-stop energy. Absolutely a band that was just made for the live stage, and they look & act like creatures who slithered out of the proto-punk-meets-KBD book of who's who. Total teenage sleaze from a foursome who may or may not themselves be long out of their teens. Only the little girls know. I heard THE WILLOWZ' debut CD a couple months ago via a good friend who used to go to all the same LAZY COWGIRLS shows I did circa 1986-89 in the company of one of the Willowz' dads. Yeah, they're that young. But for a quartet of whippersnappers, they sound like they've been practicing their Redd Kross "Teen Babes"-era rawk eight days a week. I liked the CD enough to play it twice and file it til 2008, and live, I got the same sorta middlin' feelin'. The kind of band you'd be pleased as punch to walk in on as an opener with three songs left to play; the sort of headliner that has you checking your watch and shuffling to the bar after those same three songs have been played. You know what I'm saying? In any event, best Tuesday night rock show of 2005 so far -- you should have been there and I'm sorry you weren't.