Agony Shorthand

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another slab of high highs and low lows from a band determined to hammer out at least three distinct styles of heavy rock music each outing, only one or two of which they’re capable of pulling off. Their mid-tempo Stones/Dolls rawk numbers such as “Dance Alone” continue to be the least interesting thing about them, but they keep camping it up in this style every record and in the process sound like any other strutting bar band doing the same thing ad infinitum since ‘72. Far be it for me to recommend flaying their one unassailable trick repeatedly, but the only time the band is full of any honest-to-god fire & brimstone is when they scream and flail and chop violently at their instruments, a la the excellent “MindFUCKblues” on this 45 from a little over a year ago that we're just getting around to hearing now. Come to think of it, I’ve reviewed the band several times in this forum over the past couple years & I’ve said roughly the same thing each time: I want the obviously talented HUNCHES to keep the loose, ugly juggernaut of demon LAUGHING HYENAS-like bad seedism they do so well, and lose the remainder. And I dig competent rawk, just as I dig a decent ballad or love sonnet, but not from a band who have short-sightedly stocked their arsenal with one single bad-ass bunker buster.