Agony Shorthand

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I actually have one or two interests outside of music. One of them is beer. Not in the gettin' loaded way, but in the ultra-snobbish, "underground" microbrew sorta way. What a surprise, hunh? Until today I've tried to keep from writing about them in this forum, preferring to keep some purity on this site and not "dilute the brand", if you know what i'm saying. Living on the West Coast of the US has provided me with untold bounty of fine beers to sample over the years. For some crazy reason I decided to write a little bit about it. Thus was born HEDONIST BEER JIVE on March 19th, 2006 -- a new companion site devoted to the arcana surrounding beer, and my enjoyment thereof. I have completed my online "statement of purpose" and have posted it right here in case you're at all interested. Please bookmark it and come back to it often, because we're hosting a goddamn rager over there.