Agony Shorthand

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Months from now when YOU TUBE is roundly hailed along with Amazon, eBay, Google and Hedonist Beer Jive as one of the paradigm-busting web sites of the digital age, we'll all remember the first time we logged into the thing & found ourselves still up way past our bedtimes hours later. I spent a little time rooting around in the You Tube universe a few days ago looking for unseen gems of a musical nature, and I found plenty. Here's the absolute best of what I've found so far:

1. VOID - "Who Are You" live 7/1/83 Washington DC
2. ROXY MUSIC - "Remake/Remodel" live in the Eno days
3. THE BAGS - Live 1979 Portland, OR
4. NEW YORK DOLLS - an amazing "Personality Crisis" live on German TV
5. PAGANS - "Dead End America" video (!)
6. THE CRAMPS - "Tear It Up" from Urgh: A Music War - the single clip that set my musical taste on its current bent course and turned me into a Cramps fan for life
7. DOW JONES AND THE INDUSTRIALS - "Ladies With Appliances" live
8. PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS - "I Can't Stop It" video
9. NECROS - live and interviewed on public access TV
10. THE CRAMPS - "The Way I Walk" live @ the Napa State Mental Hospital
11. VICTIMS - "Television Addict" live (yes, the Australian Victims!)
12. AU PAIRS - "Come Again" from Urgh: A Music War
13. ROLLING STONES - Rice Krispies commercial tune that flat-out smokes
14. MISFITS - "Hybrid Moments" video
15. DOLLY MIXTURE - "Been Teen" video