Agony Shorthand

Sunday, July 30, 2006
WE GOT NEW COMMENTS.......So I finally figured out how to bury myself deep in this site's code & replace Squawkbox as our comments provider. Their frequent outages - and the fact they're about to go out of business - forced my hand, so say hello to Haloscan, the new comments provider. Let's give him a try!

Unfortunately this means that more than 3 years' worth of comments - which may include comments you drunkenly typed at 4am in response to some inanity I wrote - are now deceased. I've already said my prayers, but feel free to say yours. Thank you for all that chatter, it makes the site worth reading in my eyes, and please feel free to keep it coming. And yes, I saved all the comments from the SWA post two years ago. Ain't no way they were taking those away from me. Say hello as well to a link to HEDONIST BEER JIVE, our sister site, up above you. I figgered out how to do that as well. Magic!