Agony Shorthand

Thursday, November 18, 2004
PERFECT SOUND FOREVER REDESIGN....I hadn't clicked over to Perfect Sound Forever in a month or more, but did so today to find that longtime editor Jason Gross has turned the reigns over to a guy named Chris Ott, and that the thing's been radically redesigned (not necessarily for the worse). New domain name as well -- change your links to It looks like it'll be updated more frequently, in sort of the same running fashion as Blastitude, and retain the focus on the obscure and under-championed in all corners of music. Jason allowed me to get some writing chops going again a few years back & published pieces I wrote on the FLESH EATERS, SIMPLY SAUCER, GUN CLUB, and recently, MISSION OF BURMA. Until I created this site, those pieces were the only things I'd written about music post-1998, and PSF didn't edit, tinker or toy with them one jot or iota, which I really appreciated. I've learned a ton from the site & highly recommend it in both its old and new incarnations. Jason's going to continue to contribute, which is great, & it looks like PSF will be an online player for some years to come.