Agony Shorthand

Friday, October 14, 2005
A-FRAMES : “POLICE 1000 / TRACTION” 45.....

There are two different A-FRAMES at work these days: the bleak, techno-blurred mechano-garage band of this year’s CD “Black Forest”, and the ones who keep releasing new 45s from their 2001-03 youth as a thudding, precision punk rock band. I love ‘em both, and I’m glad they’re both still “going at it”. This one is from their earlier days, the same sessions that yielded the last few 45s, and it’s a real gem. “Police 1000” is a rollicking, carnival-like romp with obscured vocals and a big-ass bass bringing the low end noise to your living room loud-n-fast. “Traction” is booming 1974 T.Rex/Slade glam panic mixed up with an early-SPK level of screech & feedback whine, a total winning mix that I haven’t heard them tackle before quite this well. Whoa. I’d call this the band’s hottest 45 since the world-beating debut “Neutron Bomb / Radiation Generation”, and since these things tend to disappear into the murky collector netherworld rather quickly, best get involved with an order for it right away.