Agony Shorthand

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Intense, layered, guitar acid-wash motorbike rock from a San Francisco act who, with one record, are now one of my favorite bands on the planet circa 2006. Imagine an ear-blowing cross between SUICIDE, “White Light/White Heat” VELVET UNDERGROUND, the guy that did that “Get Stoned Ezy With The Afflicted Man” record and some nut with a tape loop machine, and you’ve got WOODEN SHJIPS on this wide-grooved psychedelic head trip. The first side is the monster title track, which sounds like an army of bikers with guitars gone completely haywire on mushrooms & ready to mow down every pusillanimous punker in their path. They carry this on for many, many a minute, but no matter how long it is it’s just not long enough – the needle’s going right back where it started. W-o-w. This is truly one for the out-there “heads” and the “garage punks” to sit down together and break bread over. “Death’s Not Your Friend” is the ghostly Suicide-ish one and is just as great, sounding just like they got Eno to guest star on keyboards for the soundtrack to some modern vampire flick; “Space Clothes” is a bunch of bizarre looping, backwards shit & test-pattern guitar, and it’s totally eerie and mean. When your pals tell you there’s no good new bands poppin’ up in 2006, you need to grab them by their fine Dacron ensembles and force-feed them this gargantuan EP. Time to hit the hustings and learn more about WOODEN SHJIPS and ask why they’re literally giving it away when this should be $100 on eBay right now (!).